Light Of Africa
I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to eat........Thank You


by Alex Quayson

If we should meet and you forget me,
You have lost nothingIf you meet Jesus and forget Him,You have forgotten everythingAs you will read on Journey of Love,  this site is a God thing.  He brought everything and everyone into His plan.  It truly is His plan, to help the orphans  and widows of Africa, and in all those countries that have been ravaged by war, and HIV Aids, and to bring the gospel of love to the lost. William Carey said: "Attempt great things for God, and Expect great things From God."

This is what this ministry is doing, we are attempting great things for God, and we are expecting God to do great things through us.  God does not need us, he can do it all by Himself.
 Pastor Jonah says, it is a great blessing to be chosen to do His work.

Our mission is to the children, and to the widows, and the ministers who will be helping us in the field to help them, we are also reaching out to the refugees.  We want to reach them with the gospel through God's loving hands.
There are 44,000,000 orphans in Africa.  1 out of every 10 children in Africa  are orphans. There are over 1,000,000 orphans just in Kenya and a multiple of that in Liberia and Ghana as well.  This is tragic.  Most of these children have been abandoned and abused.
One of our hearts desire is to have an orphanage where there is such a great need for one. With this, we decided to start a project to help the whole of Africa but first beginning this great mission with one of the poorest countries in Africa, Ghana.

Liberian children, Mothers widows and unable to care for the children