I am seeing that we have an immense job ahead of us. The Lord has been opening our eyes to see how important it is to  get the people on their own feet so they can continue on with their ministry not dependant so much on other support.
And because it is a great effort and requires much money the Lord has shown us a very effective and economical way to handle some of these great challenges, with a little of the monthly support that is currently needed.
And this we have started doing. The Lord showed us that we first need to establish these Ministers of God, by setting up a means of support since there are few jobs available in Africa and great poverty, Most live on $1.00 a day.
So what we are doing is to establish each church or ministry, so that they can be producing their own food/funds with a little help from their friends, us.
 We are setting up small scale farms.

In Ghana, we are growing maize (corn) and beans and other veggies which will be used for food and to be sold for the ministry needs in the refugee camps.  But this is exactly the model we see for all of our Pastors. We have a list of those we want to help but we are establishing one at a time.
Near the Liberian refugee camp (Budumburam) we have cows, and chickens that will provide milk and eggs as well as meat. And a small veggie garden due to lack of space.
We are wanting to help them get a baking business with selling of bread and baking cakes. There is a high demand for such. These are an example of what can be done to change lives.
We are also supplying some livestock such as a cow and chickens. The milk and eggs can be sold as well.
We are also wanting to set up other small businesses, and other projects.  There is also a great need for wells as most have to walk long distances to get water.
Our greatest vision is to help these people help themselves and to establish these Pastors so that they can carry on their calling of taking the gospel to the lost.
They want to help the street children the orphans, and to give their own neighbors an income for their families.
This method destroys the spirit of poverty. Please Help us to set them free.