1. We want to start Feeding programs  in Ghana(Budumburam Refuee Camp, Osu and Akropong. And what we need to do is establish these ministries in funding themselves, so that they can feed these children from their own farms, or buinesses.
2. We want to to get the  children off the streets and into a loving environment and to share the love of Jesus,  many of these children use drugs to survive the streets.

 3. We want to place as  many of these children as we can into a warm loving environnment then to place them in church members homes once they are settled down and adjusted to being off the street.

We would first place them in a transition home, then into families that are matched with the child. We are presently doing this in Ghana and it is successful.

This saves a great deal of money in not having to run an orphange.  Though at some point to take in more we might have to go to a children's home, but for now this is very successful.

There are many children who have been abused and rejected, many are street children whose life seem hopeless.  We want to bring them into a warm safe place where they can get the love of Jesus, and to hear about His love.  They need to be  loved, many have lost their parents, most have no direction in life. Most have lost their childhood.

The good news is once they come to Christ they belong to Jesus they are no more orphans but childen of the most high God.

So our goal is in establishing  each  Ministry so that they can have resources to fund these projects.

3. We want to provide schooling and medical for these children, so that they can be equipped for the future, which will be bleak without an education and Jesus Christ in their life, our whole direction is to get beyond just handouts every month but to truly give them hope and a sense of accomplishment to be able to supply their own families needs. Most live totally by faith, but wouldn't it be wonderful for them to have food grown in their own back yard.
We hope you catch our vision.  Should you like to get involved would you consider helping one of these Pastors get become self reliant? It would be your part in the kingdom.
Most are taking the gospel to the lost but have no funds to feed their families or find their ministries.

4.  To be able to take the gospel  into the rural villages, especially to the unreached peoples.
We will also disciple them and plant churches as needed.  We do need  motor bikes for our evangelist.
 As the roads are often impassable with all the rain.  But with some of the income gernated with farm and small business they will be able to supply many of these things themselves.
We also want to start a bible school for the training of new Pastors as the need arises.
So all of these projects are within our reach with the help of our friends.
You could take an active part in the help of the ministry and stay in touch and see the ministry grow and lives be changed.
Please check out each ministries web page and see their needs and the projects they wish to accomplish.

Bringing Hope to Africa through Ghana