Many of these are street kids in Ghana at the Buduburam Refugee camp, we will be reaching out to the children through a feeding program there as the Lord provides.

We care about the widow. In African society, the widow is the least honored and the least cared for.
There are, perhaps, fifty million widows in Africa.  Many are shunned, left to die, sent away, and ignored, even by their own families. Some are able to establish their own economic standing and so receive a measure of respect, but most widows have nothing and those in the poor villages have no way to establish any kind savings or livelihood. There is no government safety net and the churches have been woefully sloven in the care of these sisters.

As we bring the love of God to Africa, we are bringing hope to the people, who have no hope, how can we tell the people Jesus loves them until we reach out to their basic needs, and truly show them how much God loves them, people who literally have given up hope, that do not even have their basic needs met, they are turning to crime and home made alcohol to get through the day, having no other hope to feed their children.
The word doesn't reach their hearts.  People tell them Jesus loves them but they cannot believe on an empty stomach.
In Ghana alone, so many women are ready to give up their children because of poverty or aids.
Many of the young girls have resorted to prostitution, so we must find other solutions, to give them reason to hope for a better life, so that the  teenage girls are safe from being violated and violating themselves.

 Many do not  have any skills or means to get food and the basics that we take for granted.
Let us bring Christ's love to the poor and needy and the gospel of Christ will go right to their hearts.
Let me show you the vision the Lord has given us.